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Frequently Asked Of Superb Speakers - Email or Call For Prompt Answers

  1. How Do We Get Our Technical Workers To Close More Sales?

  2. Do You Have Ways and Ideas to prevent identity theft?

  3. Can You Help Us Set Up A Cross Generational Mentor Program?

  4. Define Ways We Can Appropriate Measure Business, How Does the Most Successful Measurement Based Company Do It?

  5. Explain the Current Workforce Trends and Hiring Patterns Especially in This Economy.

  6. Financial Services and Insurance, How Do We Improve Those Specific Sales?

  7. How Do We Manage Our Virtual and Remote Team Members As Effectively As Our In-House Teams?

  8. Where is the Financial Capital Through Grants Legitimately Offered By the Government, How Do We Present Our Ideas To Obtain Them? (Consultant Has Obtained Millions for Firms Already and Takes Through Entire Process)

  9. Are There Specifics Concerning Women and Their Workforce Performance or Leadership Style?

  10. Any Advice On How We Accommodate Returning Military In the Workforce? (Offered by an H/R Law Firm)

  11. Customers Are Buying From Multiple Vendors How Do We Provide Our Broader Range of Offerings and Increase Repeat Business?

  12. Our Executives Are Under More Public Pressure To Perform, What Are the Specifics in Highly Effective Executives and Can You Provide In-Depth Experience Based Coaching and Great References?

  13. What Should Human Resources Know Most To Avoid Litigation and Help Managers Do the Same?

  14. We Need to Catch Our Clients Attention Through Dynamic Text How Do We Quickly Expand Our Word, Sentence, And Bullet Choices for Advertising and Marketing?

  15. We Simply Need Humor, Motivation, And A Message To Kick-Off The Next Period Can You Recommend Several Greats in Our Area and Within Our Budget?

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  17. Is There a Proven Long-Term Model To Build An Effective Project Team?

  18. What is the latest on burnout and stress release methods that work?

  19. How Do We Effective Use All The Tools For Great Customer Service and Increased Sales?

  20. Diversity Is In All The Headlines How Do We Handle All The Challenges?

  21. Can Our Employees Learn To Think Quicker and Perform Better?

  22. How Do We Get A Better Return for Our Trade Show and Conference Investment Dollar?

  23. In Retail, How Do We Increase Our Consumer Sales?

  24. Define Some Indicators and Traits for Today’s Leaders?

  25. What Does It Take To Market Better Through Channels?

  26. Our trainers need Current Facilitation, Presentation, and Design Tools. Name The Best Trainers of Trainers In the Country.

  27. Is There Someone With International Experience For Building Business Relationships Without Breaching Protocol?

  28. How Do We Have Some Fun and Learn To Improve Our Capacity To Learn At the Same Time?

  29. What Must We Do Sell Our Published Books?

  30. Our Teams Need Business Planning Skills How Can You Provide the Results Based Plans With Current Industry Trends and Analysis?

  31. Is There A Statistical Correlation For Producing A Good Product?

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  33. We Need A New Look For Our Website, Presentations, and Mailings Who Works With World-Class Corporations To Make Them Look Great?

  34. Our Software Vendors Need Help In Understanding Why They Should Upgrade, Who Do You Have With a Track Record In This area?

  35. Membership Includes Generation X Workers, Who Can Entertain and Train Them?

  36. Can You Help Us To Measure The Return On Our Training Investment?

  37. Our Employees need Multi-Lingual Training, How Can We Provide the Same Skills In Multiple Languages?

  38. What Must We Know To Handle and Get Through All The Changes We Are Always Going Through and Come Out A Stronger Organization?

  39. Our Government Agency Needs Someone With Strong Specific Leadership Expertise Who is Also Entertaining and Motivating.

  40. Dealers Need Sales Manager Training Who Do You Recommend Most?

  41. Our Sales Team Needs Someone Who Has Excelled In The Competitive Trenches and Won, Give Us Your Best Fit With Real Examples of Winning Big.

  42. How Do We Know We Are Delivering Well Designed Training?

  43. We Need Help to Constructs a Workable Strategic Plan for This Group, Can You Provide a Nationally Certified Facilitator?

  44. This Industry Was Hit Hard By Recent Events, Who Speaks On Recovering?

  45. Our Writing Staff Needs An Update on Their Proof Reading Skills What Can You do For Us?

  46. We Expect to Deliver Polished Presentations to Groups, Who Knows The Latest Tools To Totally Prepare Us?

  47. When It Comes to Ethics In Business Who Would You Recommend?

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  49. How Does Humor Affect Us At Work?

  50. Can You Provide A New and Amusing Way To Learn To Communicate Better?

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